Year Designations

Many trucks that are found in salvage yards have been stripped or have “mutated” to the point where their true identity is unknown. We have seen 1955 Chevy trucks with 1957 grills, 1948 Chevy trucks with the gas tank in the cab, etc. Listed below is information that will aid you in the identification of your truck. Underlining designates a major change,¬†significant model¬†modifications, or key year identifier.¬†

Year Designations (1934-1959)

Year Designations (1960-1987)

One thought on “Year Designations

  • January 2, 2017 at 1:21 pm

    Need chevy documentation on wood bed painting for 1972 Cheyenne . VCCA , Vintage Chevrolet Club of America says their are no documentation ireally need this because I’ve already won Junior & Senior & national award in AACA .


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